The pre-festival milonga Wednesday June 30th will be from 8 pm to midnight at the historic Scottish Rite Cathedral in the Grand Parlour. DJ is Andy Stein. We will be putting down our Tucson Tango Festival dance floor.

The Scottish Rite Cathedral is located at 160 S Scott Ave in downtown Tucson.

This milonga is not part of any festival pass. It is $20 at the door. There will be no food served or available but there will be water coolers. The Scottish Rite Cathedral is easy walking distance from many downtown restaurants or you could jump off the streetcar anywhere on 4th Ave or downtown and then get back on to the Cathedral stop just west of Stone.

The Tucson Streetcar will take you to about 1/8 mile away.

Since the venue is close to the Marriott taking Uber will be cheap, especially if you ride together but the Streetcar is very easy and currently free. It does not run late enough on Wednesday night to return to the Marriott but plenty of locals will be at the dance to help take you back to the hotel.

We will ask all local dancers to drop by the Marriott and pick dancers up on the way and as they leave at the end of the evening.

You will be able to check-in and get your wristband for the festival at this event.