Vania Rey

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vania-reyThe Tucson Tango Festival would like to welcome guest instructor Vania Rey. Vania will be at the festival through it’s entirety and available for privates. The festival will ask a couple of traveling instructors each year to fill out our staff although they will not have scheduled classes as part of any pass.

“Vania is an internationally recognized teacher, performer, and DJ. Her work spans over 40 cities and counting, spread over three continents (North America, South America, Europe). In her travels she gives lessons in four languages – English, German, Spanish, and Bulgarian. Students describe her teaching style as analytical, with a strong emphasis on technique. A versatile instructor who is well-versed in both lead and follow roles, Vania is able to teach alone, and perform with either male or female partners.

Vania began dancing in Bulgaria at 9 years old, starting first with folk dances, then later adding competition ballroom and latin. While earning a bachelor degree in finance from Humboldt University in Germany, in 2000 she discovered and immersed herself in Argentine tango. Within a year, she was also taking classes as a leader. With her extensive dance background, natural talent, and quickly developed skill, she started teaching in 2002. Over the years, Vania has continued to hone her skills in the various tango styles – salon, stage, milonguero and nuevo – because she sees the beauty in each of them and believes that each style may suit different dancers.

As a dancer and performer, Vania is known for her sensual elegance, exquisite musicality, amazing embrace, creativity and playfulness, all of which have made her a sought after performance partner for many teachers with various dancing styles.

In her teaching Vania concentrates on the technique necessary for making tango steps easy to execute and pleasing to the partner. She pays special attention to three key areas: precision of movement, creating a comfortable embrace for leads and followers, and musicality.
She shows how body mechanics and geometry are the basis for a great connection. Vania’s students value her keen eye, detailed and clear instruction, as well as her patience and kindness.”

Vania Tango website