Vania and Gary

Vania Rey embarked on her tango-teaching journey in 2002 in Berlin, Germany. After being invited to teach in New York City in 2005, she decided to make North America her new base. Since that time, Vania has traveled to teach and DJ tango in over 50 cities across 3 continents, in communities large to small, freshly-established to deeply-rooted, teaching tango in 4 languages. Highly-respected and almost equally accomplished as both leader and follower, Vania has performed around the world with over 50 different partners, with women as well as men, in both roles. Her greatest strengths as both a dancer and a teacher are her versatility and range, traits gleaned and continually developed on her own tango journey, through years of experience dancing and teaching a wide variety of styles. So whether you want to work on leading that tricky sequence of overturned back-sacadas for your upcoming nuevo-tango performance, or simply want to feel more free in your own body and beautiful when you stand, Vania’s dedication and careful attention to detail can help guide you there. Regardless of the class topic, as an instructor Vania emphasizes techniques which are universal in helping both leaders and followers, either as individuals or as couples, achieve more comfort, stability, and ease of movement in the dance.