The Phoenix Tango Marathon is a gender balanced, attendance capped (125 leads and 125 follows) event organized by Tucson Tango Festival LLC. For information about the event please visit Phoenix Tango Marathon With 40 hours of dancing it is $2.50 or less per hour. Passes for followers has been suspended at this time. Please find a leader to register with.
No individual milonga tickets will be sold at this time. Tickets may be available at the door depending on gender balance.


You may transfer registration to future events organized by the Tucson Tango Festival LLC, or, you can cancel and receive an 80% refund.

We reserve the right to manage the marathon as we see fit, in any and all situations that may arise, including, but not limited to, illness, acts of nature or human failure or errors. We give you our solemn promise to do our best not to make any changes. However, in the event of changes to the program and/or staff we are not in a position to offer refunds. Tucson Tango Festival LLC reserves the right to change scheduling or dj’s as needed.