Jon and Judy

posted in: Guest Instructors 2023

International tango masters Judy & Jon have been called ‘Legends of Tango’ and they hold a unique place in its history. They started dancing tango in 1992 and found the passion that brought them all the way to professional level.

During their years living & working at Tango in Buenos Aires they acquired a profound understanding of the dance, history, culture, and music of the Tango. In 2009 they became the only north americans ever to receive the prestigious award ‘P’a Que Bailen Los Muchachos’ naming them Dancers, Teachers and Milongueros.

Judy & Jon have been profiled in major Buenos Aires tango magazines including La Milonga, B.A. Tango, and Diostango. They wrote and illustrated a Step by Step Exercise Manual ‘Tango Body Mechanics’, and produced a DVD ‘Judy & Jon y sus Amigos Que Bailen’ which has been called a historical record.

They performed regularly in Buenos Aires on stage and at numerous Buenos Aires milongas including Sunderland, Parakultural, Glorias Argentinas, El Beso, Porteño y Bailarin, and they were on the teaching staff at tango schools including the prestigious Confiteria Ideal, Torquato Taso, and Cultura Tanguera Academía.

They have taken part in many tango festivals such as The International Tango Summit, Palm Springs Tango Festival, and the Colombia Tango Festival in Manizales. This past September they relocated their base to Medellin Colombia from which they tour the world to teach and perform.

Their years in Buenos Aires gave them the experience and expertise to dance fancy figures in tight spaces and develop the knowledge to take social salon tango to the exhibition floor. Judy & Jon believe that tango lives in the embrace. They want to inspire their students to feel the dynamic of lead follow for freedom and spontaneity in their dance.