Instructions to Sign Up For Limited Attendance Classes

posted in: 2020 Festival

The Festival Schedule includes five restricted attendance classes, for which places will be allocated to registered pass holders in order of the date and time of their registration for the restricted classes. The “Registration for Restricted Classes” form will be activated on the Festival website on Feb 8th, 2016 at noon Eastern time.

Information about the Restricted Classes:

  • There is one restricted class for beginner / intermediate dancers (Class 4c – TANGO CIRCUITRY by Mike and Carrie) and four for Advanced Couples (Class 8c by Santiago and Fernanda, and 5c, 9c and 12c by Brian and Yuliana).
  • There is NO extra fee for these classes.
  • Registration for the beginner class can be as individuals, but only Advanced Couples can register for the other four as there will be no rotation in these classes.
  • The classes will be specialized and are intended to provide intimate focused instruction with class sizes limited to 30 beginner / intermediate dancers for Mike and Carries’ class, and 10 couples for the other four classes.
  • The Feb 8th date for the publication of the “Registration for Restricted Classes” form, is to provide you with some time to organize a partner who may also be interested in participating with you in the couples classes.
  • At the time of registration for these classes, you must be registered for the Festival with a pass that includes instruction on the days of the Restricted Classes.
  • The registration form will display a countdown showing the number of registrations so far.
  • There will be a waiting list for those who register after the maximum numbers are reached.

Please note the total Festival passes that include instruction, are limited to the same number that were sold last year, which sold out, and we are significantly closer to that point at this date than last year.

If these restricted classes are a hit then next year we will consider having this registration system up and running when the overall Festival registration opens.