DJ Korey Ireland

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Korey numbers amongst a particularly small group in tango with substantial professional experience and training in both tango music and tango dance. Between 2000-2010 he taught dancers or directed tango orchestras in nearly all of the major tango festivals in the US, as well events in Europe and Buenos Aires. Because of his unique position in the tango world, Korey has been invited to contribute to several professional training programs for tango teachers in Europe and the US guiding and supporting a next generation of tango teachers. Korey is the founder of a thriving international network of Community Tango Orchestras, and has created a large repertory of music transcriptions and arrangements of traditional tangos that are being used by thousands of musicians around the world. This material also serves as the basis for a series of “Musical Insights” dance workshops (2010 – present), and presentations for dancers around the world seeking a deeper understanding of the music. Since 2010 he has been based in Berlin, Germany where he directs a community tango orchestra, supports 3 other similar ensembles as a clinician/guest musician, occasionally performs/tours with the electro-tango band Otros Aires, and has taught in all 3 of Berlin’s largest tango schools (Mala Junta, Nou, Tangotanzen Macht Schön.)