DJ Jun Yi

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Intrigued by the beauty of the music and intensity of the dance, Jun discovered the world of Argentine Tango when studying at Yale University, and started her DJing journey at Yale Tango Club. Her incessant quest for great tango music led her to invitations of DJing by popular milongas in New York City, the vibrant tango community that nourished her growth and blossoming into a mature dancer and DJ. A gentle and sensitive soul, Jun actively listens to the dance floor and she creates such a music space that speaks to dancers’ emotions absorbed in a warm embrace, elegant steps, and playful movement. She aspires to create an engaging conversation with the dancers through her tunes where dancers could ease into their personal truth of tango with their emotions safely unfolding and expressed through the dance. Known for her impeccable delicacy of storytelling, Jun’s music is instrumental to creating some of the most blissful, energized and passionate milongas for the dancers that have heard her.

She has shared her music selections at renowned marathons internationally, such as Krakow Aires Secreto Marathon (July 2022), Santa Maradona Tango Marathon (Napoli, Italy), Caras de Tango Festival (Turino, Italy), Montreal Abrazo Tango Marathon (Canada), Ottawa Tango Marathon (Canada), San Miguel Tango Festival (Mexico 2022), and events in the US like San Diego Tango New Year Festival (2019), Atlanta Tango Marathon I & II, Buscandote Houston Tango Marathon, Las Mujeras Tango Marathon, etc., as well as Milongas in China, Italy and Argentina. Currently residing in California, her journey as a tango dancer, DJ, and community-builder continues to grow and expand through her persistent study of tango music and her consistent tango travels to Europe, Argentina and Asia.