DJ Homer Ladas

posted in: DJs 2016

Homer’s first major dj act was to put 50 cd’s (including assorted classic tangos, alternative songs and the ‘Last of the Mohicans’ sound track) into a player and press the random button. People loved it, but that was 1999. On July 9th, 2003, he pumped out the first ‘less than perfect’ dj mixes for the weekly ‘CELLspace alternative Milonga’ in SF. But again, folks were happy to have a venue where two worlds collided.

Today, Homer continues to apply & develop his dj skills at-large, both locally and abroad. Since his first dj gig his focus has been to find the right balance while making smooth transitions between music from the Golden Age and the music that lies beyond… He is compiling an online DJ resource page as well as helping to distribute a international Tango DJ magazine (to better educate and connect tango DJs everywhere – ask him for a copy).

Homer believes that the final goal or outcome, while meaningful, is less important than the road and risks taken to get there!