Daniela Borgialli

Daniela is an internationally recognized tango instructor holding an MFA in Dance from Arizona State University as well as training with bio-mechanist, Katy Bowman. With a 25 year tango career, which included competing in 5 Tango Salon Championships, placing in the top 3 and receiving 2nd place in the US Argentine Tango Salon Competition in 2012, she has taught more than 1000 students to dance throughout the US and Europe.

She is the only person to have taught a “for credit” Argentine tango course at Arizona State University, which ran for 10 years, and is honored to be certified to teach Maestra Graciela Gonzalez’s Metodo. Currently she brings her enthusiasm and passion into a new project, the International Argentine Tango Academy based in Phoenix AZ.

She is excited to teach leading for women at TTF, supporting women to engage in the role of “la marca” to further their understanding of the dance, bringing with her years of teaching both roles, as well as specific workshops for women learning to lead including co-organizing the first all women’s milonga in Berlin with Daniela Feilcke-Wolff. She feels this is the ultimate intersection of this interdependent relationship we call Argentine tango.