Alex Krebs

Alex Krebs has been dancing tango for 28 years, teaching worldwide for 26 years, and playing bandoneon for 21 years. He is still in love with the dance, the music and culture of tango, and is appreciative of all the … Read More

Korey Ireland And Masha Abapolnikova

Korey Ireland (Berlin) Korey numbers amongst a particularly small group in tango with substantial professional experience and training in both tango music and tango dance. Between 2000-2010 he taught dancers or directed tango orchestras in nearly all of the major … Read More

Carrie Field

Carrie Field fell in love with tango in 2004. After much study and many trips to Buenos Aires she noticed a missing educational experience for tango dancers and created Tango Inform in order to fill this void. Tango Inform is … Read More