Paloma and Maximiliano

Teachers and dancers of Argentine Tango with 20th years of experience and knowledge in Stage and Salón tango style. Our philosophy is to inspire our students to enjoy the embrace and love for tango, promoting the connection and improvisation between … Read More

Feet Up Tango Class by McCarson Leigh

McCarson Leigh is a full time photographer and gallery owner in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As an artist she takes pride in celebrating people’s individual artistic expressions. She’s a tango dancer, a meditative tango instructor, Feet Up Certified Trainer, tango … Read More

Liz and Yannick Vanhove

Knowledge, Tradition, Connection Liz and Yannick Vanhove started dancing Tango together when they were teenagers. Since 2002 they have spent years learning and uncovering the best kept secrets this elegant dance has to offer, always driven by an insatiable thirst … Read More

Oscar Casas and Marie Roach

Oscar has a distinct style both in his dance and his teaching. He is very milonguero, and is highly respected by the old guard in the milongas of BA. He also is extremely popular with his students, who are impressed … Read More

Murat Erdemsel

We are absolutely thrilled to have a very special appearance by Murat Erdemsel. Murat with his former partner Michelle Lamb were a huge influence on the growth and development of both the Tucson Tango Festival and the Tucson tango community. … Read More

Rusty Cline and Joanne Canalli

Rusty Cline Founder of Tucson Tango Festival Rusty Cline has danced, competed and attended more than 60 festivals and 4 trips to Buenos Aires, the vast experience of this master teacher is remarkable and varied. He has worked with … Read More

Vania Rey

The Tucson Tango Festival would like to welcome guest instructor Vania Rey. Vania will be at the festival through it’s entirety and available for privates. The festival will ask a couple of traveling instructors each year to fill out our … Read More

Glykeria Manis

Glykeria Manis – Tango Instructor/Organizer An active member of the Portland, Oregon Tango scene, co-host the long-standing Thursday Norse Hall Milonga, teach classes and workshops regularly, and organize guest instructors for my tango community and students. Given my ancestral roots, … Read More

Carrie Field

Carrie has been teaching Pilates, Yoga and Gyrotonics since 1992. She holds certifications in all three practices, holds a Bachlors Degree in dance, and a previous career as a modern dancer where she toured nationally with various theater and dance … Read More