DJ Vania Rey

DJing tango in 2008, and over the years she has witnessed a constant evolution both in her musical preferences and in her DJ style. A tango teacher since 2002, her greatest strength as a DJ has been to stay conscious … Read More

DJ Jun Yi

Intrigued by the beauty of the music and intensity of the dance, Jun discovered the world of Argentine Tango when studying at Yale University, and started her DJing journey at Yale Tango Club. Her incessant quest for great tango music … Read More

DJ Korey Ireland

Korey numbers amongst a particularly small group in tango with substantial professional experience and training in both tango music and tango dance. Between 2000-2010 he taught dancers or directed tango orchestras in nearly all of the major tango festivals in … Read More

DJ Brick Robbins

From San Diego, Brick has been DJing for dancers over a decade for both Tango and other genres. He DJs at festivals around the USA, and has DJed in Buenos Aires. With a a love and deep knowledge of golden … Read More

DJ Vincent Wong

Vincent immersed his life in tango since 2007 in Los Angeles, in late 2009 he started studying the tango music and playing for Practicas as to practice dancing as often as possible for free. He started DJing in milongas in … Read More

DJ – Ashvin Iyer

Ashvin Iyer recently returned from an impromptu DJ tour of Buenos Aires, invited to play at the world’s most iconic venues such as Gricel, Salon Canning (Parakultural), El Beso, Villa Malcolm and others. Ashvin deejays primarily in the rhythmic style … Read More

DJ Noemi Cash

Noemi began dancing tango in 2008 and became enamored with the music. Her interest led her to attend tango festivals throughout the USA, Argentina, Europe, Canada and the Philippines. Her fascination with tango developed along with her serious interest in … Read More

DJ – Karena Makomaski (Rice)

Karena started dancing tango in 2011 in Tucson, where she became drawn to the tranquilness of the embrace, the friendly culture, and the beautiful movement to the music. In 2014 she was invited by a local organizer to DJ at … Read More

DJ Fernanda Valdovinos

Fernanda started dancing tango in Chile in 2008, but tango music has been always in her life. Her grandparents used to dance and sing tango since she was a baby and she always enjoyed the emotion that the music and … Read More