Mike Malixi and Carrie Field

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Mike and Carrie offer tools from a playful understanding of the structure of Tango, encouraging students to see all the possibilities. They are passionate about the mechanics of the dance and physical technique, emphasizing body awareness.

Mike Malixi and Carrie Field have been featured instructors at Denver, San Diego and Albuquerque Tango Festivals. Mike founded Taos Tango Studio in 2009 and they have been teaching together ever since. Mike and Carrie have taught Tango for the University of New Mexico and have enjoyed traveling to teach workshops in Tango communities around the US. Mike and Carrie have followed their passion to Buenos Aires many times to immerse themselves in study.

Mike Malixi has been dancing his entire life. As a youngster, he often found himself in the middle of the break dance circle. He practiced Kendo and enjoyed wake boarding in his teens. Dancing Tango since 2002, Mike started teaching in 2006 in Montana. He has performed with Luciana Valle, Tara Fortier and Alicia Pons. He encourages his Tango students to develop individuality and be able to create their own dance.

Carrie Field holds a Bachelors degree in Dance/Arts and Social Change, She performed and toured professionally as a modern dancer for many years. Carrie began dancing Tango in 2005. She has been teaching Pilates, Yoga and Gyrotonic® since 1993 and holds certifications in all three practices. Owner of Taos Pilates Studio and Founder of Tango Inform, Carrie brings a passion for the mechanics of the moving body to Tango.

Tango Inform is a collection of exercises, created by Carrie Field to prepare the body specifically for tango. The individual exercises of Tango Inform, vary in their origins. Some of the exercises are from Pilates, yoga and Bartenieff Fundimentals, while others are original to Tango Inform. The exercises use 4 concepts, release, stretch, strength and Movement Patterning. As a body of work, Tango Inform is designed to be practiced, improveing the Tango Dancers ease, grace and physical confidence.

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