Carrie Field

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Carrie has been teaching Pilates, Yoga and Gyrotonics since 1992. She holds certifications in all three practices, holds a Bachlors Degree in dance, and a previous career as a modern dancer where she toured nationally with various theater and dance companies. In love with tango since 2005, she has taught with Mike Malixi since 2009 as half of Taos Tango.

Tango Inform is a collection of exercises created by Carrie Field to prepare the body specifically for Tango. Tango Inform is designed as a practice to improve the Tango dancer’s ease, grace and physical confidence. Every day, a professional dancer focuses on training their body for their dance by going to a dance or bar class where plenty of time is devoted to repeating and practicing movement concepts that support one’s dance. Conditioning your body for Tango is the aim of Tango Inform.

“I found ALL the exercises well paced and completely applicable to our dance movements. I LOVE, LOVE that you made sure that each exercise is also followed by a clear application to our tango movement. This is truly helpful for us, it makes us connect the dots so to speak, from our floor work to our dance bodies.” ~Christina Ladas, The Organic Tango School