Alex and Patricia

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alex-and-patricia Alex Krebs has been dancing tango for 20 years, teaching worldwide for 18 years, and playing bandoneon for 15 years. He is still in love with the dance, the music and culture of tango, and is appreciative of all the great people that tango has exposed him to. His teaching is clear, fun, and encouraging. He is approachable and loves dancing at the milongas.

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Patricia has been dancing since she was 5. She has worked as a professional dancer in ballet, contemporary, jazz, latin and tango troops. However it wasn’t until 2009 while living and working as an actress in NYC that she rediscovered her love for tango. This time there was no turning away from this art-form.

Ever since, Patricia has sought to learn from the most prominent and acclaimed tango teachers, while studying other body and movement disciplines to further develop her understanding of human mechanics. Feldenkrais and Alexander technique among other are all used in class. Understanding how the human body moves naturally and effortlessly, connection and unity between the couple are key focal points of Patricia’s teaching.

In the last few years she has worked alongside key figures such as Oliver Kolker, Alex Krebs, and others. She’s systematically invited to several festivals in the US tango scene.


Alex and Patricia