Adorno by Holly

posted in: 2014 Festival

Adorno by HollyYour body is hugged in satin and silk, feet clad in artisanal stilettos. Add a touch of hand crafted gemstone sparkle to your ears or neckline, and you are ready for the milonga. Tango dancing is a bit magical, so I find it appropriate to work in semiprecious gemstones, Sterling Silver, and 14K Gold Fill. It is also a deeply personal experience, so each piece of jewelry is completely one-of-a-kind. Finally, I want pieces that dance well, so you’ll find my earrings light for their size, and movement oriented, while necklaces include special clasps with dangling features to accentuate your back. Please have a look at my etsy store, for a sample of my work, and don’t forget to check out the pieces that have already sold to get a complete picture of what I create.

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