2018 Registration is open.

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Registration for the 2018 Tucson Tango Festival is open. Please note that you must be registered for the festival to reserve a room at the hotel. After registration is complete and confirmed through our system, approximately two days, you will receive the code to book your room for the festival. Please understand that last year we had many people not attend because the hotel was sold out when in reality we had 30 rooms in our block that were not utilized. Most of those rooms were being held by people that canceled their room to late to be made available to our group and had never registered. This means they had never decided to attend. We also know that non dancers call in and say they are with a group and book rooms. This happens at all conferences that do not require registration confirmation to book a room. If at some point before the festival you have to cancel attending please do not cancel your room but instead contact me directly so that we can take possession and move it back into our block. Thanks, Jim Baker